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Hello blog!

And hello followers! I miss personal posts. :) So I will be on this blog for about a week, I want to post photos and artwork, rant a little, and stay up late here.

~Adieu for now! 

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Staying focused!

To anyone who comes across my blog in the near future, and notices the smaller sized editions to my page, I would like to say right now that I do not plan to let my personal blog here to die off. I love this blog, and everyone I follow, as well as those who follow me threw these short bouts of hiatus. 

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Amber has a job! :D

Say hello to Erbert and Gerbert’s newest team member people! Me! I owe Tailer so much, for vouching for me, and being so happy to train me… #fuckyeahgreatfriends Now all I need to do is complete my project, and life will be set! It kind of make me feel really awesome when the only conflict/negativity in my life all just simply gets tuned out by the sheer mass collective of fan-fucking-tastic events and what not. I don’t feel offended by their them, just sorry for them.

May 21 2012 19:12 0 notes

I just want to sleep.

Last night all I did was have nightmares of trees that took the life out of people when they passed by, and doctors in wards following me around, grasping at my arms and legs to hold me down. I woke up horrified, and in a sweat, my brain didn’t rest at all!

A nap, before everyone comes home for the evening seems to be in order. I don’t even care if it is nice outside, I would sleep on a blanket out there if I could. Now if only my over-dramatic roommate would stop crying on the phone loud enough for me to hear in my room… Shut up.

I wish that I had my own place. And this is something that I have talked about quite a bit today. I wouldn’t be able to live in the city like I do now though, or maybe I could. I just want a vardo to travel around in, and Nathan to be with me.

Better go dream about it. 

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I sat in on a game of D&D today.

We had a mandatory safety meeting, and then the boys started to play at the table while I watched. No lie, I was jealous that I wasn’t playing, and that I didn’t jump at the opportunity given to me to join. Their characters kick major ass, and the story that Jaba thought up was pretttttty thought out. Then there was a Magic game going on at the same time, and my brain almost overloaded with nerdy excitement. For some reason today, all of those things, the guidelines, the special summons, the character stats all just clicked inside my brain. It was a whirlwind of nerdilicious feelings all about. 

In other news, my first project work day has officially begun as of an hour and 15 minutes ago, but it doesn’t count until I wake up after my what I assume will be minor power nap. I just can’t sleep recently, even with some of the devil water in my belly last night, I woke up bright and early at 7 am. But yes, I will be painting today, and I am super excited to use the paints that I got to borrow from Ken. He has to pay me back for being housekeeper over at their place. I also get paid in peanut butter. 

Also, I am going to delve more into different cultures and perspectives. That is what you do when you are an art student right? 

May 19 2012 8:40 0 notes

Foam party turned into a beer-pong tournament.

Senior and myself made an amazing comeback from a shameful 5 cup disadvantage. On the last two cups it got pretty tense, only one cup was left on our side so our shots had to count…. Senior nailed the top cup, and this bitch came in and dunked it into the second. NO REBUTTAL PEOPLE. None at all.

Lexi and I danced, we drank, we danced more, and by the end of the night I was being fed two hot dogs in my friends apartment. I’m shameless, but it was cool, I brought the mustard. 

May 15 2012 2:10 0 notes

No Tumblr. Dammit, I will not let you keep me awake tonight.

I mean it.

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Lucky cat says “Go to bed Amber.”

Tomorrow, hopefully my medication that I just took will have me up in the morning, because really, I am so tired of feeling sick for days on end. There is a lot that I want to get done this weekend, and I do so intend to accomplish a lot tomorrow. 

  • laundry
  • hair cut (straight across bangs! <3)
  • starfish project
  • making/emailing my mumma a card
  • skyping with Nathan
  • excel labs out my ass
  • call my dad
  • attempting to go to the gym (???)
  • two (or four) sketches <3
  • no naps

Oh how much I have to do tomorrow when I wake up. But on a positive note, I know that because I have been feeling sick lately, that I have lost quite a bit of weight in the last few days. Slowly my appetite diminished around Thursday, and barely anything has stayed down since. Not all that awesome, but hey, I lost weight! 

Dead tired now, I hope I can manage to make it the three feet to my bed… It looks so far away. Such a tease.

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While I wait for Avengers to load…

This past weekend, me and 3 really good friends of mine went to an anime convention together. And it was awesome!! Cruising around in the Shaggin-Wagon for only an hour and a half and we were there so quickly thanks to Elena’s driving. 

We came, we saw, we raved, we conquered. I seriously haven’t had that much fun in such a long time. What was so cool was that we were all legitimately the coolest nerds there, as well as the prettiest ladies. No offence to anyone! Really! Just, Tailer and I looked cute as fuck all three days that we went. :) <3

Speaking of Tailer, she is one cool little lady everyone. Lurk her tumblr or something, she is awesome.

But yeah! We made so many friends! Two really cool guys were Jake and Ron (which was hilarious because our Ron came too, so they both replied when someone called!) treated all of us like the best of pals. Which in my mind made everything that much more radical. These guys barely knew us, but they were so chill and down to party, just the same as us.

And for the record, no one goes to an anime convention sober. No one.

Tailer and I walking around with our mixes, drinking every time that we recognized a character or a fandom, such a sight to see. Then we started to play a game where we drank every time that we saw someone who looked like this kid from SV… That is when the real fuckery happened. We got our shit wrecked, but we were together, so it is all okay!

There was so much to see, so much to do and buy! I can’t wait to go again next year (because really, I intend to be friends with Tailer and Ron for a very long time, both of them are classy as fuck.) and also, I am planing on cosplaying for the first time since my Death Note days. Whew! That was waaaaay back in the day! 

Oh! And I swear to glob that there was a Vegeta cosplayer that looked like Robert Downey Jr. I about shit a brick when he walked by me. He was looking pretty spiffy in his hot pink shirt. LOL And Kay even told me that after I had lurked for a bit, and walked by him, that he totally checked me out. Holla! I was definitely flattered. 

I keep forgetting things! But there was this rave… Good lord was there a rave. Mind you it was disgusting to be in the room, the people I went with and myself were probably the only ones who wore deodorant… After the smell dulled and what not, the dancing was intense. One kid that I went with, Mitch, danced for a solid 6 hours, with no breaks. I am a party hard type of girl, but I took at least 5 breaks in that time. Fish cray. 

*sigh* That is all for now. I am spacey, sleepy, and for some reason my stomach is about to drop out my butt or something it hurts so bad. Hopefully it clears up for my 2nd interview tomorrow (yes, Amber is finally getting another job! <3) which is in the afternoon. 

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Been kinda MIA…

But only because I can’t possibly blog about all of the awesome things, people, and activities that have been going on in my life as of late. My friend recently moved down from the 8th floor into my apartment, I attended my first house party ever, made a twitter for the first time ever, and last night I participated in an amazing art show exhibit right next door. 

College life is fast paced, and so much can happen in such a short amount of time if you stop paying attention for a few seconds. 

So add me on twitter (message me for my name), expect photos from the art show last night, and bear with me. I’ve got a lot on my plate. Sort of like how I have a delicious slice of pizza on my plate in real life, but in a totally metaphorical and life examining type of way. MMMMMM breakfast….

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H A P P Y 4 2 0!!!

I have had quite the morning already, on this fine, fine April day. I haven’t had this much fun in so long… These people here, the ones that I am spending my 420 with, are some of the most amazing and most wonderful people that I will probable ever get to meet. I can see it now, these are the people that I will tell my children about when they ask what my life in college was like, and who I met. Fucking A+ everyone. 

But yes, my morning. Watched Cabin in the Woods. HOLY FUCKING FUCKING FUCK SHIT. To everyone who thinks that it looks a little sketchy… No, watch it. The one thing that I love about a movie is its ability to surprise the shit out of me. As a warning, there is a lot happening, and so much gets put into a really small amount of time, too small for full explanations here. If I can though, I will most definitely try to get everyone today to watch it. Chances are I am going to be with the same group of people (the best fucking group of people) all day. 

So, on that note, I must get ready. I looked hella bummy last night, even if Brian insisted otherwise. Really though, he was just trying to woo me into drinking more of his death in a cup. No hoodie, jeans and no face for this girl tonight/today.

It is one of the best days of the year… 

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Today is a big day!

But not in a sense like a national holiday, or a day off of classes. Nope! Today I start my 8 week diet/health kick so that I can really truly impress Nathan when he comes to see me in the summer. Which, by the way, hopefully he can stay the full 3 weeks, because I would bawl from happiness… I digress.

2 months of getting in shape! And I am writing this here so… If anyone would be interested, I have a weight-loss blog here on Tumblr. Perhaps that is not your thing, but if it is, and you and I talk about it… ahhaha I won’t let random people know which blog is mine! I would be more then happy to let people see my progress and all. 

Fear not! I won’t be leaving my personal Tumblr unattended. <3

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Being in college housing is hard work for a gal.

After starting my day off right with darling Kay and I watching Sherlock BBC for a full 2 episodes, we decided it was time to be social… And then shit just started happening. We went into a different tower, to see some kittens, and it turns out the guy that totally wants my nuts (who also lives on my floor) was there with his friend, drunk as shit. Everyone was, and I was just chilling there like yeah LOL what is up where are the kittens? The cops got called, and told us all to bail out of the apartment, hooray none of us got in trouble! But I had to take care of Irish who wouldn’t remove himself from my bed, and Kay and Natty were all here and jeeze I just want sleep. 

I texted my mom last night, saying that “people were trying to kiss me hardcore”… and she goes, you alright sweetie? Ahaha, mawm, you wouldn’t believe me even though I tell you the truth. He was drunk as shit, all up in my face. Even my friends were about ready to beat his shit if he got in my face again… It was really uncomfortable, and I am glad that we got kicked out when we did. *sigh* Now I think I should just relax a bit. 9:30 am and I still haven’t fallen asleep yet… What the hell is happening to my brains?! Too many Redbulls. And all I wanted was to see some friggen adorable kittens!!

Apr 5 2012 7:29 0 notes

Woke up 2 hours earlier then needed to get to class.

For the love of all things glitter, someone needs to fix my fucking fire alarm in my room. Seriously, that thing goes off every 2 minutes, between one and 4 am. I don’t know if I could do another night of that.

But to kill time I came and got on tumblr! :) I miss talking to my tumblr friends though… I am sorry guys! School is eating away at my soul. Plus trying to survive student housing. 

Luckily I get a break this weekend. After classes today, I get to take the LTR to the airport to catch the shuttle. Packing up for a few days of relaxation at my parents condo. <3

But yesss, I needed something to do for an hour just to kill time, and tumblr always comes threw for me.