Feb 16 2012 12:46 1 note

I hit my next hundred over night! <3 Ahhh it makes for a very happy Amber! 

Here is me for today! I am going to be picked up soon to spend a romantic day with Nathaniel dearest. And yeah, I am going to go places, see things, and get lit. <3 

I hope everyone has just as awesome of a day! xoxo

Feb 14 2012 22:33 3 notes

Yo tumblr whats good whats good? <3 Happy Valentines day and shit. Here is some of my face. Hate on it. 

Feb 12 2012 21:08 1 note


Feb 10 2012 21:13 3 notes

Low light. Shitty quality. No face. But look! Hair! <3 And my lips again.

Fuck yeahhh!

Feb 9 2012 15:59 0 notes

New skirt! (Not really, I just have never worn it before…)

Feb 9 2012 15:58 1 note

My face! Haaaate on it! 

Jan 24 2012 12:59 4 notes

I just really like this shot. 

Jan 24 2012 12:57 5 notes

Anti Topless Tuesday.

Jan 24 2012 12:52 0 notes

hahaha i know so logical! ahh well then i guess ill have to make anexception, for a short while haha ;)

You gotta tell me which pinky you want, so I know what one to use during tea time and which one to abstain from using. Since it would be rude to use something that belongs to you now… 

(Oh, and you can definitely tell me that my pinkies are like, crazy looking. I didn’t break them, I know they look strange!)

Jan 19 2012 15:22 1 note

Hello hawt co-co.

Jan 18 2012 20:18 18 notes

This smile is shit, but look at my fuckin’ teeeeeeth yall. Straight pearly white little fuckers. I went to the dentist today, and he told me to gtfo cause he liked the condition of these babes so much. Go Amber, uh-huhhhh!

Ya I swear my eyes only look so jacked to shit cause the light is shining right on them. I have a normal face, I promise.

Jan 18 2012 20:06 3 notes

Hey tumblr. I got a new laptop. Here is a photo of me, dicking around. On my new laptop. L A P T O P. Hahhaa, and yeah, I know I am not considered to be pretty enough to be on tumblr, but whatevvvvvvver. I like my goofy face on my blog. <3

Nov 13 2011 20:45 1 note

Most recent photo of me. 

:( I hate my big boobs peeking in at the bottom of this. 

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